Vision & Mission

The Indian Naval Despatch (INDES), true to its central premise of lighting maritime thought, seeks to provide a forum for professional discussion and reflection on naval subjects, with a view to showcase professional discourse and naval thought in our regional and maritime environment. The publication has been set up under a non-public fund and not-for-profit organisation, the Indian Naval Despatch Foundation (INDEF) and is managed by a dedicated, professional staff. The journal aims at promoting understanding of professional naval matters, maritime thought and advancement of naval knowledge. It is envisaged that this would become the primary forum for thinking/ discussions on professional naval issues in India and progressively, the region. INDES is envisaged journal in the open domain will be an excellent tool to impart credible, coherent and relevant knowledge to naval personnel, civil academia, policy makers and researchers.


To provide an intellectual forum for sharing innovative professional concepts, discussion and reflections for shaping and evolving maritime thought in the nation and the region.


Serve as a crucible for diverse ideas, opinions and conversations that help light maritime thought.