Submission Guidelines

Below is just a few outline thoughts for general understandings of readers who may wish to write for the journal and encourage others to consider doing so as well.

In a manner of speaking, the journal would be a mixture of a few long essays/ papers, most of which will be peer-reviewed and a few shorter articles, as well as other sections. In that sense, it is conceived to be an amalgamation of a professional naval journal as well as a professional naval magazine. We encourage original, unpublished papers and articles as contributions. However, exceptions can be made for a few previously published articles depending upon the educational and the thematic value they bring to readers. Where necessary, such authors may also obtain permission from the copyright holder and INDES will acknowledge these details.

For a new periodical, the initial print runs are considerably large and we expect readership to grow. The Editorial Board will evolve and share details of a few regular sections in the INDES and this would include a forum for reader's comments and discussions including responses from authors to enable useful, professional discussions. As in the case of all articles, the editors shall oversee editorial corrections and moderation as necessary for brevity, clarity, propriety and prudent information security.

In the case, if there are any queries, the Editorial Board is at hand to assist. We are available at [email protected] and [email protected] and [email protected] and it will be our pleasure to respond to your queries, critique and suggestions.