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Volume 4. No. 3

Indian Naval Despatch

Volume 4. No. 3
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Goa Maritime Symposium (Opening address) 2022

The fourth edition of the Goa Maritime Symposium (GMS) was conducted by the Naval War College (NWC) at Goa from 31 Oct to 01 Nov 2022.

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Identification and establishment of collaborative training programmes with Centres of Excellence across the IOR.


Formulation of a common multi-lateral maritime strategy and operating protocols for GMC nations for collective mitigation of maritime threats and challenges in the IOR.


Identifying gaps in regulatory and legal frameworks for enforcing maritime security in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR), including frameworks for possible regional conventions and agreements.


Promote knowledge, awareness and understanding of naval, defence and maritime security issues, through suitable research and education activities. Support the Indian Navy's Professional Military Education programmes, by undertaking studies, fostering critical thinking, and guiding research on the maritime strategic environment, events, issues and trends affecting maritime security, maritime technological developments, and maritime law, commerce and history, in concert with the Naval War College, Goa and other Indian Naval institutions.


To promote research and awareness in maritime domain among policy makers, strategic community, think tanks, intelligentsia, economists, educationists, security analysts, private institutions, media and general public at large and provide constructive inputs for policy formulation.

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